Shibboleth. The Shaman's Apprentice. January 31 2015, 0 Comments

After authoring five books on photography and history, I am getting close to publishing my first novel.
'Shibboleth – The Shaman's Apprentice' is an exploration of both the sacred and profane. It is a story with moral purpose, based on an extraordinary account of one man’s journey along a less trampled path. The overriding thematic concern of Shibboleth is the search for Truth. It is a meditation on good and evil, and a love story that explores the rift between love and trust.
The novel was uploaded onto the readyfundgo crowd funding site on Friday 30 Jan. 2015 with the aim to raise funds for an editor and limited edition print run for backers. The campaign will launch officially on Monday 2 February with a social media announcement but you can look at details and contribute right now if you wish.
Here is the link:
What truly elevates a book to the highest level is a truly great, talented and experienced editor. So, I'm looking to raise money to engage the right editor. It is such an important part of the process and will make all the difference to the final product. This accounts for the lion’s share of the target money, but I will also be printing a limited first edition print run as reward for backers of the book.
The cover shown here is only a rough for the purpose of the fundraising exercise.