Shibboleth. The Shaman's Apprentice February 27 2015, 0 Comments

I want to share a few a few developments and ideas to the 'Shibboleth's' supporters.

Firstly, I gave a copy of the completed second draft to Din Heagney a few weeks back and was nervously waiting his response. Din edited my book 'Portraits from a Land Without People' which raised $82,000 for the Jimmy Little Foundations work improving Indigenous health (especially in the area of liver and kidney disease). He did a superb job with that and because he understands the concepts I am dealing with in the novel his response was going to be very important … especially as no-one else has read the second draft. I was so pleased when he phoned the other night and told me he loved it and wanted to work on the edit. Phew!! The end of the year deadline now looks in reach.

I really want to make this limited edition for supporters and reviewers something special, so I am currently making enquiries re foil and holographic material for an 'other-worldly' cover. I want to suggest a parallel cosmos so it should be a bot triply. Because it is only a small print run I have to be mindful of cost because it could quickly become more expensive than the print job (the pre-edit page count is around 800 pages). I am open to any suggestions at this stage.

I also want to put it out there if anyone wants to see some advanced scribbling about the book, or share the novel writing journey.

Another idea to be part of the project: Perhaps a Q&A or one-on-one with author (moi) to learn more about intentions regarding the storyline, characters, etc.

You can read updates and make comment on the ready fund go page.