Saltwater People of the Fatal Shore October 04 2012, 0 Comments

 Cyclops Press is pleased to announce that its latest publication, Saltwater People of the Fatal Shore - Sydney's Southern Beaches, is due for release in late November 2012. This publication is the companion book to Saltwater People of the Broken Bays - Sydney's Northern Beaches released in late 2011. The new book looks at the history of the coastline from South Head to Royal National Park, and follows in the footsteps of its sister book in that it pays particular attention to the history of the Aboriginal clans who lived along these shores. While the main focus book is on the surfzone, where the ocean meets the shore, Saltwater People of the Fatal Shore looks not only at surfing and beach culture, but examines the impact of the south-side beaches on writers, poets, artists, architects, photographers, filmmakers and all manner of creative souls. In turn, the book analyses the impact of our lives on the fragile coastal environment, the ocean, and the creatures who inhabit this world.