Author talk 6 May 2015

The Shaman's Apprentice April 12 2015, 0 Comments

Here is an update for all those crowd funders who supported this project. The manuscript is now with the editor Din Heagney. I expect this stage to take 1-2 months. Will keep you informed vis this blog and the Facebook Cyclops Press page.

Crowd Funding March 16 2015, 0 Comments

Just wanted to send out a big thank you to all those crowd-funders who were able to help with the Shibboleth project.  I am awed by your generosity and support.

I also want to thank the team at Ready Fund Go as this is my first attempt at crowd funding … and I believe that 'The Shaman's Apprentice' may have been only the second project for the team.

This is only a short note to say thanks, but over the next months I will be giving updates on the books progress as soon as they come to hand. These updates will also appear here and on the news page.

In brief, the campaign has successfully allowed me to gain the services of my trusted editor Din Heagney to go through the manuscript. This is a big job, and I'm guessing there will be much to and fro-ing, followed by more discussion. The good news is that Din likes what he has seen, so now it is more a matter of making it as good as possible. As soon as we have tightened the structure I will concentrate on the voices of the characters. Then it may need Legal oversight as well as approvals from some individuals and communities. My best bet is that this whole process will take about 6 months (writing is a slow process involving much rewriting) before the book is ready for the presses.

For those who were able to take some of the bigger packages I may be able to supply some of the other items earlier (depending on postage which varies depending on destination). You now have my email so please let me know if you are interested in this offer. For those who have packages that offer the contributor to select there image for your print it may be worth thinking about what image you would like. If you are not familiar with my work, the copy of Slightly Dangerous contains many of my photographs between its covers. This book is interesting also for being the genesis of 'Shibboleth – The Shaman's Apprentice.'

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your support to get the book to the next stage.

New Novel 'The Shaman's Apprentice' March 10 2015, 0 Comments

Only half a day left to be part of The Shaman's Apprentice

Campaign to complete my novel March 06 2015, 0 Comments

Only 5 days to go and only a quarter way to the target but I remain optimistic that there will be some late generosity. The packages on offer are good deals but I am happy to hear from anybody with suggestions how to incite more people to become a part of this readyfundgo project:

For those not familiar with my work here is a link to my last book:

Shibboleth. The Shaman's Apprentice February 27 2015, 0 Comments

I want to share a few a few developments and ideas to the 'Shibboleth's' supporters.

Firstly, I gave a copy of the completed second draft to Din Heagney a few weeks back and was nervously waiting his response. Din edited my book 'Portraits from a Land Without People' which raised $82,000 for the Jimmy Little Foundations work improving Indigenous health (especially in the area of liver and kidney disease). He did a superb job with that and because he understands the concepts I am dealing with in the novel his response was going to be very important … especially as no-one else has read the second draft. I was so pleased when he phoned the other night and told me he loved it and wanted to work on the edit. Phew!! The end of the year deadline now looks in reach.

I really want to make this limited edition for supporters and reviewers something special, so I am currently making enquiries re foil and holographic material for an 'other-worldly' cover. I want to suggest a parallel cosmos so it should be a bot triply. Because it is only a small print run I have to be mindful of cost because it could quickly become more expensive than the print job (the pre-edit page count is around 800 pages). I am open to any suggestions at this stage.

I also want to put it out there if anyone wants to see some advanced scribbling about the book, or share the novel writing journey.

Another idea to be part of the project: Perhaps a Q&A or one-on-one with author (moi) to learn more about intentions regarding the storyline, characters, etc.

You can read updates and make comment on the ready fund go page.

Shibboleth – The Shaman's Apprentice February 26 2015, 0 Comments

I am currently seeking crowd finding to help completed several years of work writing my first novel Shibboleth. The Shaman's Apprentice. For the last two weeks of this campaign I will keep a blog on developments and rewards. At this stage I still have a long way to go to pay for an editor.

Shibboleth – The Shaman's Apprentice February 26 2015, 0 Comments

Excerpt from Shibboleth prologue:

It was to be the war to end all wars, but to that end all mankind would need to be destroyed. H.G. Well’s clever catch-phrase was less prophecy and more an attempt to seduce the people of the British Empire to join in yet another bloody feud. The Great War had started as a regional dispute, before vengeance and greed picked at the sore, aggravating it into the world’s first truly global conflict. Technological and industrial sophistication then helped escalate it into an appalling spectacle of death and destruction. Well’s deluded declaration had been met with a world-weary cynicism that proved well founded, for it did not take long for the murderous mind of man to enable a new war to erupt. The next conflict would promptly become known as the Second World War, the deadliest war in history with some 80 million accumulated deaths.

Shibboleth. The Shaman's Apprentice. January 31 2015, 0 Comments

After authoring five books on photography and history, I am getting close to publishing my first novel.
'Shibboleth – The Shaman's Apprentice' is an exploration of both the sacred and profane. It is a story with moral purpose, based on an extraordinary account of one man’s journey along a less trampled path. The overriding thematic concern of Shibboleth is the search for Truth. It is a meditation on good and evil, and a love story that explores the rift between love and trust.
The novel was uploaded onto the readyfundgo crowd funding site on Friday 30 Jan. 2015 with the aim to raise funds for an editor and limited edition print run for backers. The campaign will launch officially on Monday 2 February with a social media announcement but you can look at details and contribute right now if you wish.
Here is the link:
What truly elevates a book to the highest level is a truly great, talented and experienced editor. So, I'm looking to raise money to engage the right editor. It is such an important part of the process and will make all the difference to the final product. This accounts for the lion’s share of the target money, but I will also be printing a limited first edition print run as reward for backers of the book.
The cover shown here is only a rough for the purpose of the fundraising exercise.