Shibboleth crowd funding

Shibboleth Update August 02 2016

My plan to publish the limited edition for crowd funders evaporated under pressure of edits and a trip to China to discuss a feature film to be shot there. I have now completed the latest round of proofreading, but as I did some editing along the way I will need a little more time to check it before it goes to the printer. I'm hoping to get the manuscript to the printer before I leave for a survey in southern China and have some hot copies in my hand when I get back at the end of September. Now there's a plan. Adam Ludd has designed a great cover.

Shibboleth crowd funding campaign April 09 2016

The Shibboleth crowd funding campaign has been extended for another week to Friday 15 April. The printed book should be available to sponsors in about 3 months.

Link:…/shibboleth-the-shamans-apprentice… 3 author-john-ogden/


I don't think I ever mentioned that this book as approx 500 pages and the first in a planned trilogy.

With the take-up to date, I have revised the limited edition print-run down to a maximum of 200-300 signed and numbered copies. This edition will be supplied to all who helped sponsor the project, and will also be sent out for review purpose.

When it goes to an international commercial release I suspect a great deal of the Australian component will be stripped out. This should make the author's release a collectable.

Thanks to all who have contributed to date.