Shibboleth – last round of crowd funding March 05 2016

Late last week I had a soft launch for a new crowd funding campaign to complete my debut novel 'Shibboleth- The Shaman's Apprentice'. The first round successfully raised the funds to engage two great editors, and I was also able to engage some legal opinion. Although the novel is a work of fiction, it is set in a very real world and actual events.


The early sponsors did all the heavy lifting in that it was their blind faith that I could actually write a novel that got me to this next stage – the design and printing of a small limited edition advance copy of the novel for pitching, reviews ... and for my supporters. In four decades of working as an award winning photographer, filmmaker, artist, writer and publisher, I have never received a government grant, so I would like to restate how much I appreciate the support of all those who have helped in getting this work completed. I have been working away for almost 5 years on this manuscript, but the end is now very much in sight.


The response from editors and readers has been tremendous. Here are a couple of quotes from the editors:

"I’ve had a blast reading and working on Shibboleth. The story is sure to have far-reaching appeal – it is packed with compelling characters and events, rich with symbolism and philosophy, and bursting with contemporary history and intrigue. Ogden's command of language engages and holds the reader, pushing the movement of the story through its paces." Brigitte Staples.

"Shibboleth – The Shamans' Apprentice is an amazing read; profound, shocking, hilarious and inspiring." Din Heagney.


I will be making a bigger announcement early next week, but wanted to lead with this small notice to alert those who have already thrown their weight behind the project, and those who may want to get in early for the restricted offers.


If you want to find out more please go to:

Below: mock-up for promotional cover