Shibboleth. The Shaman's Apprentice. August 23 2016

For everyone who contributed to the readyfundgo crowd funding campaigns to raise development funds, I have to advise that my publishing date has been pushed back again, but don't fret, you don't have much longer to wait for your special limited edition print run. The book is currently with the proofreader and the cover artwork is almost finalised. Adam Ludd has done a great cover.

UPDATE 22/8/16

My plan to publish the limited edition for crowd funders evaporated under pressure of edits and a trip to China to discuss a feature film to be shot there. I have now completed the latest round of proofreading, but as I did some editing along the way I will need a little more time to check it before it goes to the printer. I was hoping to get the manuscript to the printer before I leave for a survey in southern China but will now have to wait until I get back at the end of September.  

This will not be a commercial release, but keep tuned here for developments.