Shibboleth – The Shaman's Apprentice

Shibboleth April 03 2016


You are probably all sick of these posts re the SHIBBOLETH crowd funding campaign, but I think it's necessary to answer a few queries.

The target is to raise enough money to print a special advance edition for all my supporters and for the purpose of review and attracting an international publisher. But I don't expect a hand out, it is more about making an advance purchase at a good price in order to get the book completed. There are all sorts of levels you can help and they are listed when you follow the link attached.

Some are concerned that the book may not get finished. Let me assure you that after 4-5 years of working away (without pay or subsidy) at the approx 500 pages that form Shibboleth, and as the author and publisher of 6 notable books already, THIS BOOK WILL BE FINISHED HELL OR HIGH WATER.

Those heavy hitters who were there in the early campaign to raise funds for the editing stage, please let me reassure you that there is not much longer to wait. My best bet is 3-4 months from now you will have your rewards.

Even at the entry level (and most popular) contribution of $25 you are able to save money on the special advance limited edition of the book. This print run will be 1000 copies maximum, and most likely only 500, so it may even become a collectable (for its rarity alone).

As my debut novel I have broken a few rules and guidelines but various editors and readers of the latest drafts both enjoyed and been provoked by this unusual mix of earthiness and philosophy.

Like a good movie, it will keep you thinking long after you have finished reading. There is a trilogy in the pipe if I have enough years left in me.

If you want to find out more about it, please go to:…/shibboleth-the-shamans-apprentice… 3 author-john-ogden/

If you have already helped and joined the campaign (including the earlier one last year), a big thank you.

If are not in a position to do so, please help an by share the link with someone who may be interested.